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Want to be on the first page of the internet? This is the place you've been looking for!

What is Digital Marketing?

A general term that refers to a wide range of online marketing possibilities.

Today we know what a large part the internet plays in our lives to find the most cost-effective product that they are looking for.

The purpose of all the various options of online marketing is being so precise that the product you market will "hit" exactly what the client is searching, thus creating a strong desire for the client to buy from you, of all people.

There are several business promotion options, in organic marketing (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and on social media.

Using these platforms right will make your business grow significantly, and lead to a higher stream of income.

Who am I?

My name is Ran. I know that the future is changing. The growth rate of the internet is increasing, and slowly, everything is becoming digital.

That's where I fit in, from building a marketing strategy to relevant market research and building the most accurate marketing campaign while cooperating fully with the client and building the right strategy for your business.

Shainer Digital-  markering services
מי אני
Shainer Digital-Social Media Managment

Social Media Management

What is a social media network?

A social media network is a platform used to keep social contact with people you are familiar with or to create new social contacts on the basis of a romantic acquaintance or even a shared group on the basis of mutual areas of interest.

Nowadays, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest are also a useful marketing tool, enabling us to reach our audience or an audience with similar interests.

 Shainer Digital- SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO

What is SEO, or organic website promotion? The various actions done in order to improve the place of website pages in the non-paid-for search results, it includes adapting the website according to the demands of the search engine's requirements.

Shainer Digital- PPC

Pay-per-click PPC

What is pay-per-click website promotion (PPC)?

A paid promotion method, usually on Google and Facebook. The goal is getting immediate results and appearing on Google's first search results page (everyone's dream 😊). What we want is to present the user with the most relevant search result.

Shainer Digital- Facebook Marketing

Facebook Business Marketing

To promote our business in various Facebook-owned channels, including Instagram. The benefits of using the Facebook system is that we can define the target audience in order to create exposure and convert clicks to purchases (Facebook knows which screens you visited during the day to search things, and matches the advertised content on your feed accordingly). To publish on Facebook, both by organic and paid promotion methods, we will
first create a business Facebook page, that will enable us to start marketing. Building a business page has two purposes: first, creating engagement with the customer, and second, connecting with costumers and providing services through a digital channel.

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